• Blood flow changes in RSI¬†subjects: an introduction of a pen with biofeedback
    M.C. Dekker, R.L. Krullaards, G.J. Kleinrensink, C.J. Snijders.
  • The Potential Effects¬†of a Biofeedback Writing Exercise
    Rob L. Krullaards, Johan J. M. Pel, Chris J. Snijders, Gert-Jan Kleinrensink

Nog niet gepublicieerd:

  • The effect of hand tension and relaxation exercise on blood flow velocity in the radial artery
    R.L. Krullaards, G.J. Kleinrensink, J. Quartel, S. van Ruiven, C.J. Snijders and J. Pel.
  • The influence of pinching on subclavicular artery flow velocity
    R.L. Krullaards, G.J. Kleinrensink, S. Dwarkasing, L.M.M. Vogels, C.J. Snijders and J. Pel.


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